Video Production Editing And Music Video Creation

Published: 19th July 2010
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Video production editing is done in order to edit discrepancies out of videos that are going to be used for television or the internet. The editing process is essential in ensuring that a video only showcases the main objective that the video is meant to bring forth.

Traditionally, whenever someone is trying to create a video, they will engage in taking a variety of different shots of people. For instance, during music video creation a director may ask the person that they are filming to do one skit where they are dancing and another skit where they are simply singing into the camera.

Normally, a music video will have hours of taping put into creating it. However, whenever the video is shown to the public, the public only gets to see a video that is a mere two to three minutes long. The editing process is crucial to ensuring that only the best shots are shown.

After the initial taping for the video has been conducted, then a director along with their editing team will gather together all of the videos that were taken. As mentioned before, there can be over a hundred hours of tapes that have to be manually scanned through. Editing crews will upload all of their videos that were taken onto a large computer.

Generally, the computer has at least two to three different monitors that directors and editing crews will use to view the videos. With music videos, the song that the video is being made for will play in the background of the video shoot. The singer will be shown mouthing the words to the song and performing as well.

Contrary to belief, there is not one professional singer that sings live on their music videos. The only time that you will run across a singer who is singing live is at one of their concert performances. The editing crew will spend hours at a time going through the various video shoots that they have taken before finding the right pieces to put together for the initial video.

Video production editing may sound like a simple task to complete. However, there is nothing simple about this process. Traditionally, editing teams will have a deadline that the video must be finished by. This puts even more stress on the video editing teams. The video has to be perfect, therefore most of the time after a video shoot the editing team will immediately begin going to work.

In order for an individual to become a video editor they will have to be put through higher learning classes. These classes will not only teach individuals how to professionally edit videos, it will also teach them how to conduct this task in haste. Since most video production editing teams are always on their toes to get videos created, this is definitely a fast paced and high demand job.

Video production editing is a vital part of producing music videos. Without this editing team working diligently to mold different pieces of a video together, we would not have the music videos that we enjoy watching today.

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